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Company Search

CDI Pinnacle Management are Company Search specialists. Our clients choose us because they want to find the best possible target for their acquisition, divestment or strategic partnership.

We work closely with professional associates in many countries. Using this network of contacts we can reach across borders and cultural barriers to find you the perfect candidate and guide you through negotiations.

Our Company Search methodology is simple, but powerful:

  • First, we take the time to understand your business. With your help, we develop an Information Memorandum and Search Brief, and determine the key search criteria. We research your industry through confidential, targeted interviews, allowing us to determine the best strategy for approaching potential candidates. A by-product of this process is the vast amount of strategic market information you will receive from us
  • Next, we identify, prioritise and target candidates that have sound commercial or strategic reasons for being interested in the transaction. We approach them anonymously on your behalf, allowing us to interview them in a non-competitive and confidential environment
  • Finally, once a suitable candidate has been found we assist with negotiations right through to completion, advising you on tactics and coordinating your legal services and due diligence

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