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At CDI Pinnacle Management we focus on understanding your needs and working with you to find the best options for your business. Our personalised, interactive approach and multi-sector experience combine to give your business a unique advantage.

Are you looking for advice on business growth and development? Our Innovative Strategy Development service can assess your business environment and capabilities, and determine your best options. Our engagement terms can be matched to the requirements of the client.

Are you pursuing an acquisition, divestment, joint venture or technology transfer? Our Company Search service uses our proven methodology and the vast reach of our international associates to find the target that will give you the maximum strategic value.

CDI Pinnacle Management is not involved in providing finance, allowing us to remain totally neutral and offer you the most professional service possible.

Our clients commonly commit to a monthly retainer and a final 'success' fee payable when the assignment is successfully completed. This results-focused approach gives us a strong incentive to meet your expectations. When you succeed, we succeed.

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